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Summer Bulbs

Spring has arrived, and our daffodils are painting the landscape with vibrant hues. But why stop there? Keep the beauty blooming by embracing the allure of summer bulbs! 

March and April mark the perfect time to plant summer bulbs in tubs and borders. These gems will dazzle your garden all summer long, promising a delightful display year after year. 

Save both time and money! Planting bulbs now is a more cost-effective option compared to purchasing flowering plants later in the summer. 

At the Dutch, we offer an exquisite selection of summer bulbs, including Dahlia, Crocosmia, Ranunculus, Anemone, Echinacea, and Lilium. And here’s the cherry on top: Mix and match any three packs for just £12! 

Do something today your future self will thank you for. Visit us today and start your journey to a blooming paradise!