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Make the most of your garden all year round with stunning and practical outdoor and patio furniture. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and offers a world of possibilities.

· Wild bird food, nuts and seed mixes – Henry Bell

· Bird feeders and tables – Gardman, Henry Bell

· Hedgehog houses and food – Gardman

· Bat boxes – Gardman

· Ladybird towers, butterfly and bee hotels – Gardman

· Specialist food for ducks and swans – Henry Bell


Here at the Dutch we really care about Your Pet. We have all you could need to keep all of your pets happy, from big dogs to little hamsters and everything in between!

· Dog food and treats – Lovejoys, the dog deli

· Cat food and treats – Arden Grange

· Guinea Pig, Rabbit and Hamster food – Extra Select, Tiny Farm Friends

· Fish food – King British, Pettex, Extra Select

· Beds – Petface

· Toys – Petface

· Grooming – Petface, Animology

· Hay, Straw, Sawdust – Extra Select


Plants, both outdoor and indoor, are the gifts that keep on giving and are ideal for any occasion. If you are looking for something a little bit different, then we can help there too! Come and explore our selection of unusual and fun gifts, suitable for every budget.

· Potted plants

· Notebooks and books – Selbooks

· Greeting Cards – Noel Tatt, Nigel Quiney, Otter House, Paper Rose, PaperLink, History & Heraldry, Rosie Made A Thing

· Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags and Ribbon – Nigel Quiney, Otter House

· Mugs – Otter House, Dunoon, Alex Clark

· Giftware – Richard Lang, Joe Davies, ,Pam Peters Designs, Nobile, Milford Collection, Wrendale

· Ornaments – London Mirror Co, The Milford Collection

· Toiletries – The Somerset Toiletry Company, Bomb, English Soap Co,

· Clothing – Jane Austin, Alice Wheeler Handbags,

· Baby Clothing – Ziggle, Jewellery – Carrie Elspeth & Equilibrium

· Kitchenware – Nj Products, Ulster Weavers

· Scented items – Ashleigh & Burwood, Price’s Candles, Best Kept Secrets, Manor House Candles & Modern Botanicals

· Puzzles – HP Gibsons & Son

· Children’s toys and games – Orange Tree Toys, Jelly Cat, The Puppet Collection, Jumini.

· Fertilisers… add Vitax

· Compost – Dustons, Westland, Equigrow

· Growing equipment – Westland